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I am an up and coming contemporary artist. My work explores major cities such as London, New York and Paris. After studying works by several cityscape masters,  my studies confirmed that in order to understand the true aspect and representation of a city, you have to be constantly analysing the location.

I paint and draw the urban landscape on my daily travels around the city. I see my role as an artist to build an experience with place, in an attempt to convey direct and tangible experiences of a particular landscape. By removing myself from the original experience, this evokes memory. My paintings then become subsequent responses where feeling, reinterpretation and imagination are implicated.

Latest News

Edward has recently joined Buckingham Fine Art Publishers.

"the finest quality low numbered limited editions and originals by established international artist of distinction."  

Having been a painter since 2002, Edward’s style has now developed and has been greatly influenced by his two years of travel. He has now become a full-time professional artist and his passion for art and travel remains as strong as ever. His starting collection 'City Life' went on sale in October 2012. 

For further information, Do not hesitate to contact me or visit my Open Studio in Lincoln.